Interactive Shower Booth 작업된

Dongjun Suh1, Joomi Park1, Seongteak Jang2 
1Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2Industrial Design, KAIST

1. Introduction
Interactive Shower Booth is start from the concept of providing a space to paint on a canvas during shower. The wall of shower booth is thought to be a canvas to represent a picture using water. The fundamental components of shower that are the ‘behavior of shower’ and ‘water’ can be mapped to the basic components of drawing that are the ‘action of painting’, and ‘paint’ with lighting and harmonious color such as Pollock's technique of pouring and dripping paint. The e-pression between water and Shower Booth is clearly represented by user’s action so that user can immediately feel various interactions with water. In addition, Shower Booth is considered by various interactions between network-connected another shower booth or nature’s property. Therefore, we designed interactive Shower Booth that is sufficiently express water’s imagery, light and it’s colors into the immersive space.

2. Implementation
Interactive Shower Booth supports basic functions of shower booth, such as water supply including control of water pressure and temperature. A user has to control these basic functions to support interaction. Besides, booth frame including shower curtain, interior lighting also considered. Water Pressure part is assembled by three solenoid valves. The degree of water strength is varied according to the valves’ open and close. Booth part is consists of booth frames and LED lighting control of booth’s ceiling. Considering ambient effect in whole shower booth, full color LED lighting above the ceiling is used. In addition, translucent material such as acrylic board is chosen as ceiling’s board and white thick satin fabric is used as a shower curtains. Sensing part is consists of water vibration and user’s behavior detection module. Water vibration detection is implemented by condenser Mic. sensor module is combined with stethoscope. This idea is come from detection of the resonance of medium. To detect trembling in medium, we adopt stethoscope’s resonance principles. Therefore, it is able to detect the response of water drops that bump into canvas. Moreover, we adopt Wii Remote controller that has the ability to sense acceleration along three axes as a tool for user’s motion. This controller embedded into the shower supplies such as shower towel and we devise this as waterproof device. Application part is in charge of graphical interaction and making a situation decision using sensing information. Graphical dropping e-pression is implemented by ActionscriptTM 2.0 with sensing value. To enhance realistic interaction, we add water drop sound to this system. DLP Projector located in opposite side of the Shower Booth’s entrance is used in displaying all of graphical information.

(a) Water Pressure part

(b) Sensing part

(c) Sensing part

(d) LED Lighting (attached to Shower Booth)

3. Application Scenarios
As we mentioned above section, we try to support various interaction in Shower Booth using several components such as lighting, water pressure and temperature. According to the refined variation of water temperature, the color of lighting is changed. Through the variation of lighting color with water flow from the ceiling over the head, user can feel the colors with water stream because water flow reflected by light colors. In this scenario, we regard the component colorful water flow as paints. User can draw a picture using his/her dripping or pouring hand movement strongly or weekly. The strength of water flow varied from a degree of dripping of pouring intensity. These kinds of interaction are used to draw his/her own e-pression as well as provide various experiences with users enjoying shower. After finishing interactive shower, his/her painting has remained one of the attractive works of art. Interactive Shower Booth is able to connect to another Shower Booth in terms of enhancing various interactions using remote communication technology. User’s behavioral results in Shower Booth response to another Shower Booth’s reaction. Not only interactive Shower Booth’s remote interaction but also does emphasize on communication with nature. For example, the image of rain falls in summer day is also projected to interactive Shower Booth so that various interaction can be represented.

 Play with interactive Shower Booth 

4. Conclusion
Interactive Shower Booth is able to be used in personal shower booth as well as interactive space. In this study, we try to not only stimulate people’s emotions but also provide users with various interests.

Jackson Pollock,


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